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Super Mario 128, A Lost Miyamoto Game, Detailed In New Dykg Video

After two installments in the Mega Man X series, fans thought they had seen the last of the original series. Dr. Wily has escaped from prison, and as usual, Mega Man must save the world from him and his 8 robot creations. This time, a rival for Mega Man is introduced – Bass, and his robotic dog Treble.

Finding A Secondhand Console

Mega Man faces a new breed of robots, far more advanced then anything Dr. Wily was ever able to cook up. Although the basics from the original series are still here (8 stages, 8 robot masters, defeat them and gain their powers, etc.) there are new elements such as being able to cling to walls and dash .

There are also capsules left by Dr. Light that are hidden in some of the stages. If Mega Man can find them, he can enhance his abilities .

There are three Mega Man X games on the SNES, and I actually like them all equally. I just choose the first Mega Man X to represent them all on my list. The entire go-kart racing game craze began with a little SNES title from 1992 called, Super Mario Kart.

  • What made the game even more fun was that the cars were given life and personality, too – way before Pixar dreamed up Lightning McQueen, we had the Coupe, the F-Type, and the 4WD smiling along and blinking their headlight eyes.
  • Stunt Race FX was a little goofy and all kinds of blocky to look back on today, but its 3D cars and racetracks were sensational to behold on the Super.
  • That graphical style – years before its time – was still impressing us in ’94, when Nintendo followed up their sci-fi action flight game with a comical racing title using similar visuals.
  • Sparkster could flip out, rocket-rush through the air, spin-slice his enemies and keep his rodent mohawk looking perfect all the while – an under-appreciated mascot in a great game.

The idea seemed pretty silly at the time – Mario and his pals race against each other in go-karts. But the game was such a blast to play , that it quickly became one of the best selling games on the SNES. Like F-Zero, Mode 7 graphics are used for the 3D tracks (with no where near the speed of F-Zero). You must get items to throw or launch at opponents like turtle shells, and banana peels.

There are also special items like stars which make you invincible for a short time, and lightning bolts which temporarily shrink all the other racers, giving you a chance to run over and flatten them. I’m sure most people familiar with this game, used to waste countless hours playing versus and battle with friends.

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A COLLABORATION WITH JANELLE ELISE PHOTOGRAPHY Janelle Elise includes a near prophetic presence once it has to do with followers of her job. You’re either already a loyal fan, or you’re going to become a person. Together with her… Autumn Wedding These gorgeous Lightroom Presets are designed to enhance the beauty of your wedding photos. Enhance all of your wedding and bridal photographs utilizing this group of exclusive and high quality Lightroom wedding presets. This preset… Highlights the unique appeal of this tropical fauna. Works equally well with gardens in temperate climates, flowers in a vase, ikebana, and house decor. Good for timber, cane, bamboo and straw surfaces. 4 Mobile Lightroom… This collection of presets will help create a romantic setting and add a vibrant, cinematic flavor to your photos. Perfect for cityscapes, museums, architectural and historical monuments. 4 Mobile Lightroom Presets These flexible presets are… Helps to make sensual, seductive photos. Highlights the beauty of a human body in a premium inside. Better employed to indoor shots of a light palette with lots of artificial or natural light. 5 Mobile… instills an impression of tenderness and love. Could be put on the portraits of intimate couples, moms with children or children playing creatures. Also great for the photos of nature and flowers. 5 Mobile… Almonds Lightroom Presets Pack for mobile and desktop. The Almond Preset Pack is a selection of 5 Lightroom CC Free Lightroom Presets Desktop and 5 Lightroom Mobile picture editing filters that will add creamy beige, white & almond… The photographs turned into the brown tones with higher contrast, perfect for indoor, outdoor, travel, vacation, landscape, and social media, weddings, writer and summertime, lifestyle, wanderlust, magazine, and aerial, instagram, portrait, summer, vintage, wedding, professional photos. Mobile and Desktop… These presets would be the ideal tool for everybody who wants to enhance their photographs, The presets may edit your images with a special and unique appearance. Each presets has its very own style. Each preset has… Autumn Uutfit Banner Template There are a number of strategies to promote your brand to boost more followers. Prepared to use Shop Instagram Stories will inspire you and your followers. Change the text, colours, images, strokes and shapes to… Hello! I\’m happy to present my new decal”Adorable dog”. Be as creative as you like to maintain expressing yourself utilizing this special”Adorable puppy”. Illustration is ideal for any job that needs a… Halloween pattern with conventional chilling symbols and elements. Mystic Halloween seamless history with pumpkins, bones, skull, phantom, candies, witch hat, and other spooky icons. Happy Halloween Seamless Style contains 100% vector Halloween seamless decoration. Scary… Are you ready to shoot impressive and beautiful graphics? Autumn is in fact quite a vibrant transition, providing us with superbly distinctive photo opportunities. The drops are here! The leaves are turning brilliant reds, yellows, and also…

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Swobodna rodzinna restauracja i bar sportowy w atmosferze dla niepalących. Serwujemy śniadania, obiady i kolacje. Idealne miejsce na uroczystości weselne, przyjęcia okolicznościowe, noclegi dla gości. Opcjonalny namiot może zwiększyć zdolność do ponad 300. Jesteśmy placówką przyjazną dzieciom. Salt Water Grill z dumą dostarcza świeżo przyrządzonych współczesnych przybrzeżnych przysmaków z lokalnych ryb, produktów, w całości z naturalnego drobiu, wołowiny i kurczaka. Znakomity wybór piw rzemieślniczych oraz ładnie zaokrąglona lista win, aby wzmocnić naszą pasję do zapewniania niezmiennie wysokiej jakości prawdziwego jedzenia dla prawdziwych ludzi. Wiele mieszanek do wyboru, które wybierzesz, pozostawi Ci przeładowaną kanapkę z dodatkami i mięsem. Upieczony świeży chleb rozpłynie się w ustach. Frytki pokryte są pyszną, chrupiącą polewą, która jest odpowiednio doprawiona. Nasza zabawna atmosfera jest całkowicie wyposażona w drewniane siedzenia, wyższe stołki, telewizory i gry wideo. Czy chciałbyś wiedzieć, dokąd udaje się większość miejscowych, aby coś przekąsić lub kogo dzwonią po catering? Cindy’s Kitchen zapewnia świeże domowe posiłki, takie jak tace z przystawkami, kanapki i desery. Nie zatrzymuj się i nie wychodź bez złapania kawałka jej domowego 12-warstwowego ciasta czekoladowego !! Przydrożna trasa 158. Tyle 5-metrowych subwooferów z nieograniczonej liczby kreacji. Zaproś swoje kubki smakowe na fiestę smakową i wybierz swoje ulubione pikantne sosy, chrupiące warzywa i pieczony Predefined Settings The Lighthouse Photography Uli chleb na smaczną przejażdżkę metrem. Podajemy nowojorskie wzornictwo, ręcznie rzucaną pizzę z ulubionymi dodatkami. Zjedz na miejscu lub na wynos. Kompletna obsługa barowa z wykorzystaniem najlepszych piw artystycznych, ulubionych koktajli i piwa korzennego z beczki dla tych dzieci. Świeże sałatki na zamówienie. Lokalny ulubieniec od dziesięcioleci. Otwórz na lunch i d Zrób sobie fajną przerwę na seksownej plaży i weź kilka miękkich lodów podawanych w rożkach, shake’ach, lodach, w różnych kreatywnych miksturach. Hot dogi i inne szybkie potrawy oraz pyszne ciasta lodowe. DQ oferuje również menu słodkich okazji, w którym klient może wybrać dowolne dwa za 3 USD, 3 za 4 USD itd. Niezależnie od tego, czy chcesz się zrelaksować i popracować nad huśtawką, czy też złapać się wspaniałej toczącej się zieleni, Kilmarlic jest tutaj Proszę. Nie przegap naszej ekskluzywnej, ale nieformalnej doznania kulinarnego, obejmującej nasze piękne 605 akrów lasów i mokradeł. Jesteśmy do dyspozycji na lunch z przystawkami, w tym różnorodnymi smacznymi kanapkami. Sun Fish Grill serwuje różnorodne nowe owoce morza, steki, makarony i dania wegetariańskie, a także menu dla dzieci. Zachęcamy lokalnych rybaków i rolników do korzystania z ich towarów. Śniadanie serwowane w sezonie. Mile widziane masowe imprezy. Mamy pełny bar i region Lounge. Rezerwacje mile widziane, ale nie wymagane

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7 Tips How To Manually Update Harddisk Controllers Drivers for Windows 7 on HP laptop from Scratch


From the list, selectHigh performance Nvidia Processor. If that is the case, your hardware might not meet our Recommended specifications. As useful as they are, USB drives are also small and unfortuantely easy to lose.

Ways To Detect And Install Network Drivers Offline

The operating system, or OS for short, is the software that allows you to interact with the computer and run the programs on it. It is like the computer’s spine, connecting Canon pro 100 driver the brain to the rest of the body . In addition to speaker ports, a sound card will usually have a microphone port as well so you can record your own sounds. Many newer computers have a network card built in to the motherboard.

  • Any virus invasion or invalid operation can make your driver files go missing or turn corrupted.
  • This is one of the preliminary steps to rectify such issues.
  • If such problems arise, you have to get the driver installed again in order to ensure that your device again starts working well.
  • If you want device to work properly, you need to update the driver.
  • The device that you attach to your PC will be unable to perform well, in case any of its driver files in your computer system gets deleted or corrupted.

Luckily, there are several free programs out there that let you encrypt the data on your USB drive so if you do lose it, someone won’t be able to access the data on it. Also known as a thumb drive, a USB flash drive is a portable hard drive that works with a USB port. Software plug-ins are small packages of software that add features to a program.

Do I need to install drivers for Windows 10?

Important Drivers you should get after installing Windows 10. When you perform a new install or upgrade, you should download the latest software drivers from the manufacturers website for your computer model. Important drivers include: Chipset, Video, Audio and Network (Ethernet/Wireless).

Many operating systems have a Graphical User Interface that allows users to see files and manipulate them with a mouse or stylus. Before GUIs, most operating systems displayed the computer’s data as lines of text and files were manipulated by entering complicated lines of text.

Depending on your Windows version, open Uninstall Programs or Add and Remove Programs. Your Nvidia card settings may cause issues with resolutions and scaling when loading the game. For the preferred graphics processor, selectHigh performance Nvidia Processor. On theGlobal Settingstab, locate and select thePreferred graphics processor.

Why won’t Windows 10 install on my hard drive?

Solution 3 – Disable unnecessary boot devices in BIOS
If you have multiple hard drives, USB flash drives or DVD drives on your PC, you might want to disable them from BIOS. All these drives can interfere with Windows 10 installation, so be sure to disable them from BIOS and try to install Windows 10 again.

Some popular plug-ins, like the Flash and Quicktime players, enhance Web browsers to allow you play games, watch vidoes and experience other multimedia on webpages. Other plug-ins help to add extra security or to make programs more efficient. Firewalls can help protect your computer against malware and intruders are also a key component of strong and solid computer and device defenses. Many operating systems come with a built-in firewall, and some routers also come with one.

Technology Jobs


In the current economic recession and economic depression, employment opportunities in the computer information technology industry happen to be growing quickly. This may be attributed to the fact that lots of IT professionals are getting laid off or doing work their previous hours. In addition , these jobs require zero specific requirements past a high university diploma or perhaps GED.

A large amount of job opportunities exist designed for the computer i . t industry. Some of the most well-known i . t companies incorporate Dell, Microsoft, and APPLE. An exception towards the rule can be found in the field of website development. Jobs as web designers can be acquired with a great associate’s degree in computer and information technology; the median salary for this position is more than dual that of other positions within this field at about $80, 1000.

Other jobs within laptop information technology range from information security analysts and software engineers. A bachelor’s degree is necessary for some positions in the computer information technology market, but the typical salary for people positions is far more than enough to support a household. The average cash flow for those applied within the information technology industry is expected to rise ten percent in the coming 12 months, which may makes industry an excellent place to start a career.

There are many different positions within the laptop technology industry. One of the common positions is a network administrator or perhaps network tech. The typical responsibilities for these positions include preserving the network infrastructure and installing and repairing software program programs.

Many pc information technology specialists are also required to work as consultants and instructors to others who also are in need of technical assistance with their courses. These consultants also have many opportunities within the business community to work with significant organizations and corporations. Fortunately they are required to interact with buyers to help them get the best possible quality service with regard to their personal computer and information devices.

Many computer system information technology careers also need experience in using applications and equipment. This knowledge is usually obtained through internships, volunteer operate, or simply by working within the established company. There are plenty of IT careers available online as well; however , an individual who is looking for one must do a lot of research on their own and check with their own employer.

Computer i . t jobs can be quite rewarding and profitable as long as a person is willing to put in the necessary hard work and schooling necessary to complete the job. The benefits happen to be plentiful, but may also include compensating higher income than a lot of traditional jobs.

The computer technology positions that exist provide a smart way for individuals to build their particular skills and knowledge from this line of function. The income that is paid is quite competitive in this discipline; however , this salary is normally higher than a number of other fields of.

Before choosing your computer information technology career it is important to consider almost all on the options that exist. This includes finding out what type of location the individual will need, what their specific skill sets are, and what their persona type is certainly. Some people wish to work in a particular area and a few prefer to act on a company after which retire at the end of the contract, while other people are certainly more focused on the complete vision and growth of the organization.

There are many positions in the pc information technology sector. It is important to choose a position that will provide a very good salary and benefits. Once someone is looking into an information technology task, it is important to visit about the company and whether or not it provides a very good compensation prepare and the form of benefits that you can get. It is also extremely important to know about the company and how extended they have been in the field.

In the event the position is offered for a smaller firm there may be more work available and fewer personnel available. This might be a more cost-effective option for an individual who wants to improve a larger company. Finding a very good position by a company including Microsoft could be a great, however it will require even more work, and even more education over a person’s part to move up inside the company.

It is significant to choose the job that is proper to get a person simply because there are numerous different positions that offer various benefits. One of the most popular positions within this sector is that of your computer information technology engineer.

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The discussion of using presets or not comes up time and time again on various photography classes and websites. Some people are for them as well as the others are against. The same as camera brands, it appears there isn’t any clear answer, and everybody thinks that their method is accurate! For or against, it is undeniable that presets are here and they’re not going anywhere. A lot of individuals find them useful in their own workflow and so that they will continue using them. So, should you buy Lightroom presets? The case for purchasing presets A quick search online will provide you countless places you may purchase presets and they’ll most likely have quality. Prior to making your purchase, be sure to read some reviews to see when others are delighted with their purchase. Remember that your design of images will heavily impact the manner presets look when applied, so expect some trial and error! But why would you buy presets as opposed to create them yourself from scratch? Below are some reasons that will assist you determine if purchasing presets is for you. It’ll help save you time There’s little doubt about it, purchasing presets will help you help save you time in your workflow. You won’t need to spend time coming up with looks that you enjoy. Instead, somebody else has finished the first hard work for you. In fact, using presets in this Fashion is Lightroom presets way is no different from selecting what movie stock and developer you’d love to use if you are shooting analog. You are using someone else’s colour toning thoughts to attain the images that you want to create. Being able to quickly apply lots of different looks for your photograph will be able to assist you quickly make conclusions regarding how it will look. And then it is possible to set about optimizing it and performing the enjoyable component of communicating. It gets you away from your computer Not everybody adores the electronic darkroom. During the summer, I would rather be using the great weather compared to sitting at my computer developing images. Having a pair of presets available to me that somebody else has created means each shot requires significantly less time to process. That way, I’m spending more time doing what I enjoy. I can share stylish images that I’m proud of in minutes of loading my images to Lightroom thanks to my preset library. That’s a major attraction for me, and that’s the reason why I love having a bank of presets ready for me to pick from. You can borrow the top of different peoples ideas Everyone sees the world otherwise. You may never have thought to put a pop of pink at the shadows or include just enough grain to make your black and white conversion look like it had been taken fast film

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PS: guarda questo mio articolo sugli stivali bianchi presentato in questo articolo qui. Come collega fashion blogger a Cathclaire e The Crystal Press, è così stimolante vedere Tezza Barton disegnare la sua linea di vestiti in collaborazione con INSPR. È una tosta nello stile blogger / direttore creativo / industria della fotografia (+ passato!) E studiare il suo annuncio sul blog sulla pubblicazione dell’INSPR-D della formazione Tezza mi fa brillare il cuore. Niente mi apre gli occhi su ciò che è possibile più che vedere colleghi, creativi e blogger inseguire i propri sogni e farli diventare realtà. Tezza è la migliore incarnazione di – grazie Tezza, come essere un’ispirazione senza fine per me. Ora parliamo di questa affascinante linea di abbigliamento! Il modo in cui Tezza bilancia la silhouette strutturata femminile e maschile di “Indiana Jones” all’interno di questa linea di stile è tra i miei aspetti preferiti di questo gruppo. Sono alle prese con questo equilibrio perché cerco di fare esattamente la stessa Lightroom Presets Tezza cosa con il mio stile personale e sono ossessionato dalla grande cosa di questo yin e yang di questa idea. Non solo i colori neutri che ha scelto consentono a quei pezzi di decidere senza sforzo sul tuo guardaroba, ma possono anche essere indossati in più modi unici, in più occasioni distinte. I miei due pezzi preferiti nella collezione di Tezza sarebbero il top in georgette TOFU insieme anche al maxi abito in cotone con volant TOFU. La camicia in georgette ha tasche perfettamente posizionate per un aspetto senza bretelle e l’abbigliamento Maxi ti fa sentire una dea. È un po ‘più femminile di quanto generalmente mi piaccia, ma impostalo con strati di braccialetti d’oro, il mio cappello nero e alcune scarpe fantastiche – e hai un vestito in pochi secondi. Forse hai già acquistato la collezione INSPR-D by Tezza? Altrimenti, lo consiglio vivamente. Anche il prezzo è ragionevole. XO cath PS: guarda questi miei post sui vasi bianchi presenti in questo post qui.

Lab Reports


all right welcome to your first video of conceptual physics hopefully there will be many of these video lessons to come just to give you the idea of why we’re doing these video lessons instead of doing a lesson in class it’s because I found that when I stand in front of the entire class and talk I’ll often take a lot longer than I need to to say what I need to say sometimes taking as much as 40 minutes and then when I’ll sit down and try to explain the same thing to the camera it makes me a lot more brief so I usually will only take about 10 to 15 minutes in fact I can’t even record a video that’s longer than 15 minutes so if it goes longer than that I have to make a second video or something like that so because of that these videos will always be relatively short I do need to cover a lot in some of the videos and so i might go rather quickly please remember that another advantage of a video is you can always pause it and go back and watch a section again or stop it and just kind of think about what i’m saying or stop it and maybe take some notes about what i just said or think about a question if you have a question you can also pull up an email or pull up neo and send me a message about that right away there’s no stupid questions and in fact you don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself in front of the class you just send me an email and i’ll respond and nobody will know ok so a lot of advantages to these video lessons we’re going to do it quite a lot but we’ll do all the practice mostly in class where you can actually get help and you can talk to your peers about what you learned and go over things in that way ok so i hope this helps i hope it works please give me feedback on the videos by sending me a message on neo or by telling me in person if it’s not working for you please let me know and we’ll do our best to make it work ok so we’re going to be talking about lab reports today we did our first lab in class the human measurement lab and we’re going to need to write the lab report for that like will do for all lab reports and so I’m hoping you had your physics lab rubric looks like this and of course it looks like the thing that’s on the screen you know right there and so we’re going to go through that real quick and try to make sure that you get the best possible score notice that it is broken down into five different categories that you’re going to be assessed on and for each category there is a bunch of different scores that you can get you can get a six or a seven or an eight or a nine or a ten as you go across the rubric now obviously we want to be on the ten side of that and so in order to make sure that we’re on the ten side we’re going to be looking at just the 10 scores and trying to make sure that our lab report matches that there’s a lot of information on here and so I want you to know that for the first lab report we’re only going to be focusing on the essential question and background the procedure the data table and a part of analysis meaning that you actually drew your graph we’ll worry about the rest of the analysis section and the conclusion in class and mostly will focus on that for our next lab because there will be more for you to write in those portions okay but don’t worry about doing that tonight we’re just going to do the first half of the lab report okay so let’s flip over to my lab report your paper should look something like this at the very least it should have these sections and so at the top of the left hand side of the page you should have human measurement lab but there should be a part for background variables and procedure on the other side of the paper it should say data table and you should have your graph next to that and under that is space for analysis into space for conclusion please always make sure that you organize your paper exactly like this I know that it sounds really picky that I will mark you off tour not organize your paper organizing your paper like this but when I have to grade a hundred and forty of these in a all night if you take me one extra minute because of the way that you organized your paper you cost me two hours of time with my son and that makes me very sad okay so just please do me the favor of making sure you organize it correctly I will not give you a very good grade if you don’t so simple thing you can do to make sure you get a good grade on your lab report also it helps you make sure that you don’t forget anything okay I would take a moment if I were you and I would pause this video and i would go ahead and read through these sections so i’m gonna go ahead and show you the background real quick alright so here’s the background i would go ahead and pause it and read did you do it i hope you did it because if not that’s pretty embarrassing um basically the idea of the background is you’re going to tell us what was your essential question but before you tell us the essential question you’re going to tell us where did the essential question come from so usually will have a activity or a video or something like that that gave us the essential question or helped us to develop that essential question you’re going to describe that in a short paragraph so like I said in here we watched a video about athletes bodies and how they’ve changed over time and that made us think about how our body proportions compared to the rest of the class and that’s our essential question for this lab notice that I said in the background section our essential question is there’s no secrets in here people tell me what your essential question is okay make it very quick all right now if we flip back to our lab report rubric you’ll see that to get ten points on the essential question or background section your essential question has to be well defined in other words tell me what your essential question is and also that you have to include all background information which means you need to describe what we did to come up with that essential question okay so as long as you did that you get 10 points that’s probably the easiest section though I imagine you’ll probably be tempted to write very very very little on the background maybe just like a word say something like we watched a video that’s lame say more than that we need to practice being more descriptive with our language so try to write in paragraphs all the time and that usually means saying the same thing more or less multiple times I mean look at how I wrote this I didn’t put a lot of time into this but this is a pretty good example so it says in class we watched a video about how athletes bodies have changed over time and then I give an example so I say the video mentioned how athletes are getting taller for certain sports like swimming that might feel like saying the same thing twice but it’s actually just giving more detail and that’s how we write good paragraphs and it’s how we get to the point where we can write longer and longer essays and reports and stuff like that in college I at one point in time had to write a 90 page paper so you don’t do that without repeating yourself a little bit maybe you’ll have to do that one day too and we want to practice so next thing we want to list is the variables and we’ll get into more detail about how to write variables later but for right now just list two things that you measured I am going to say that I measured arm length and height but you might have measured different things depending on how you did this experiment and that’s totally okay alright next thing is the procedure alright so i want you to pause it again and read through that I hope you paused it otherwise again pretty lame actually fun fact you could almost copy what i did this time okay i just want to make sure that you get a good example so especially for the background you could write basically the same thing that I said and then for the procedure it’s going to be different because I didn’t do your experiment with you and you might have done it a little bit differently than me but still it’s a good example and if you’re struggling with what to write for each sentence go back to mine and write something really similar to what I wrote ah so just use it as a template don’t write it word for word the same I’ll obviously notice if that’s the case but please use it as an example that’s the idea alright so the procedure in this one says talks about what we do and it gives a lot of detail about how we measured it let’s go ahead and look at the rubric again so as far as procedures concerned it says to get ten points you have to describe the independent and dependent variables for this lab you just have to tell me what the two things you measured are later on we’re going to learn the difference between an independent and dependent variable and then you’ll have to tell me which ones which but that won’t happen until next lab you also need to do a diagram of the setup which I didn’t do but you have to so right next to the procedure you’re going to draw a picture of what you did that’s to help you very quickly remember what was going on is you flip through the lab reports in your notebook because there will be a lot of them by the end of the semester and so this one’s just going to be like a picture of you measuring something stick figures are totally okay you don’t have to be super artistic about this but make sure there’s a diagram on there for the full ten points and then lastly it says multiple trials are identified multiple trials means that you actually measured the same thing more than once so if your buddy Eduardo is the one that you’re measuring you really should measure Eduardo’s height two or three times because you’ll be surprised you might actually get totally different measurements each time and that’s because there’s just a little bit of random error everytime you measure something especially you know when you’re trying to measure their height like you can’t get this direct line from the meter stick that’s over here you know over to their height and so there’s a little bit of estimating going on right so you’re going to get a little bit different numbers because of that and in all of our further labs you want to do multiple trials or you will not get full credit notice if you don’t include multiple trials in your procedure you don’t get ten points you get six because that’s what the rubric says so that’s that’s bad okay alright let’s move on to the very last thing we’re going to talk about I have four more minutes in my video and so that’s going to be enough time to talk about the data table and the graph before we flip over though look at what the data table has to have so it has to have column headings that are clearly labeled with the correct units and it has to have data included for all the trials with averages show now let’s look so glancing over at my datatable I need to have column headings so notice it says arm length in centimeters the thing in parentheses is the unit that I measured with so in this lab you probably measured with centimeters which is fine I probably would have preferred if you had used meters because you know these things are bigger than a meter stick and that’s also just one of the standard units we use in physics but if you use centimeters that’s okay now if you used inches inches are bad and you know why inches are bad they’re bad because when you look at a ruler and you look at the little lines between like one inch and two inches they’re not decimals it’s not like 1.2 and 1.4 and 1.6 like it is with centimeters they’re fractions so it’s 1 and a 16 1 and n 81 in 316 I mean no one wants to be writing down one in 316 and you definitely don’t want to have to do math with one in three sixteenths if you’re having like square that or multiply that it’s a lot harder to do those things with a fraction so just start with decimals start with centimeters in the first place okay we never never never never never use inches in this class the only time you really want to use inches later on in life is if you’re a contractor because still in this country we do measure things like cabinets and the heights of buildings in feet and inches but pretty much everything else we do in centimeters and meters and kilometers and stuff like that because it’s just they’re just better all right so as long as you’ve got that you’re probably going to get a 10 on your data table it does say that you have to include multiple trials on your data table so it could say something like this change this that’s weird sorry about that we could change this to say 150 and then maybe the next time we measured we got 149 and then maybe the next time we measured we got 150 again so that would show multiple trials but we didn’t necessarily do multiple trials in this experiment so we’ll leave that until later well I’ll remind you of that for your next lab okay coo and then the last thing that we want to look at is our graph the graph has to be labeled in exactly the same way you have to have what you measured with the unit over here so it says height in centimeters it says arm span in centimeters it doesn’t matter which access you put them on doesn’t matter but height on the top and harms fan on the bottom or vice versa either one is okay another thing to notice about your graph is something that you probably are not used to doing but you’re going to get really used to doing by the end of physics and that is drawing something called a line of best fit notice a line of best fit which I’ve drawn here does not touch all the points it’s just a straight line imagine like laying a ruler down and drawing a straight line that’s as close to all the points as possible so like when you’re drawing a line of best fit you wouldn’t want to draw it like this you know that’s pretty lousy that’s really far away from all the points but this is about as close as I could get to all of the points without overlapping any other so that’s line best fit make sure you