ABOUT Chiang Dao Good View Resort

Discover the most beautiful viewpoint of Doi Laung and Doi Nang mountains at Chiang Dao Good View Resort & Spa. We are a natural resort that welcomes individuals, families and groups with gracious hospitality. Our accommodations are up to standard, clean and safe with reasonable prices. We offer various types of rooms to suit your requirement. All rom services with free wifi, LCD TV, Air condition, Water heater and standard facilities.

This accommodation is so pretty and tranquil. This property sits in an unspoiled  peaceful location in a small  country village, away from the touristy and hippie vibe you get in places like Chiang Mai.It is a place making you feel outside of the tourist path, close to nature.This place offers a genuine experience with the magnificent area.The scenery is beautiful, fruits trees and vegetables grow in the garden, and you can take them when it’s the season.The stream in the grounds sounds amazing and the views are spectacular.

WHY GUEST CHOOSE Chiang Dao Good View Resort

The property also offers a large area of the patio for setting tents.  The mountainous and forestry view straight from the large patio offers calm space in nature and Guests enjoy seeing the sunsets over the mountains. It is also a perfect star gazing location. Guests usually spend the evening gazing at the stars and listening to an orchestra of wildlife.The bungalowsoffer relaxing environment in the fruit garden and provides an authentic atmosphere of local lifestyle. Guests wake up next to a brook running quietly and  a variety of tropical fruit trees such as raspberry, jackfruit, Lychee, Tamarind,  longan, guava, papaya  growing just next to your bungalow.With the  tranquility of the location,guests have an opportunity to listen to the wildlife and all-day singing birds.Guests can also enjoy observing unique local cultures  and experiencing seasonal Buddhist events and ceremonies held at few Buddhist temples nearby.